Search Easily
You can find very easily any patient detail, treatment detail . You can also search a particular patient record and treatment detail.
Add Patient
You can add patient detail such as patient name, age, address and contact no. It is very usefull to operate and manage your record.
Appointment Scheduling
You can easily watch all appointments and its time's. Everyday appointments will be shown on your screen.

Appointment booking
You can set the appointments to the patient.
Patient Statements
You can view all patient detail at any time. You can also edit and delete patient detail.
Review Treatments
You can easily review any patient treatment's detail at any time and delete option also avialable for delete.
Generate receipt
You can also generate bill receipt for patient.Receipt include your own logo and clinic name.

You can easily download the backup which you can re-store into the software (If it needed in future).

You can upload xray image with treatment detail of patient.

Add Operator
You can add different operators to access the software.
Access permissions
You can assign permissions to operators.example allow to access add patient detail(edit,del,view),add treatment(add,del,view), generate receipt .
We can provide customization of our software according to your requirements. For more information, please Contact Us.